As a reviewer of The  JID you will be advising the editors, who make the final decision (we will let you know the final decision). Your signed report will be passed on to author(s); so, please do not make any comments that you do not wish the author to see. Even when we do not accept an article we would like to pass on constructive comments that might help the author to improve their work. 

The Role of the Peer-Reviewer

As a peer-reviewer you are tasked with exercising critical and constructive judgment when reviewing contents of the manuscript. You help determine whether the manuscript is appropriate for The JID. You decide whether the topic is handled substantively and accurately, with appropriate scope and in sufficient detail. Your queries, constructive comments, and suggestions are meant both to challenge the author to improve the text where necessary and to guide the author in presenting the material as clearly and concisely as possible. The ultimate goal is to contribute towards producing an article that would be of practical benefit to the readers of The JID. The following are some key qualities of a good reviewer:

  • Maintaining unbiased critical appraisal of the material in a paper.
  • Providing professional comments and keeping courteous in tone to the author(s)
  • Familiarizing oneself with the Author’s Guidelines; and
  • Being ethically responsible by not making use of material under your review prior to publication.

How to be a Reviewer of The JID

In order to be accepted as a reviewer for The JID, you will need to register using the link in the upper right of this webpage. Once you are registered, login and click View Profile in the drop-down under your user name. On your profile page, confirm that your contact details are correct. Then, under Roles, check the Reviewer checkbox and fill in your interests in the text field below. The JID Editorial Team may contact you with further questions and  consider your reviewing interests if a relevant article is submitted for publication.