Compassionate Migration & Regional Policy in the Americas by Steven W. Bender & William F. Arrocha

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Veronica Fynn Bruey


Steven W. Bender and William F. Arrocha’s “Compassionate Migration and Regional Policy in the Americas” is timely and strategically situated to withstand the current chaos, crisis and challenge of global migration concerns, especially within the Americas. The edited volume comprises 19 courageous and thought-provoking chapters, examining policy issues around “exclusionary framework,” “power of exclusion,” “visibility and invisibility of undocumented migrants,” ‘nightmare of U.S. deportations,’ and “care ethics” (to name a few). Even though
the concept and precision of compassionate migration seems vague and undefined, this book provides a meaningful contextual boundary to draw upon. That “compassionate migrations” embodies the core of our existence as we move from one place to another, in search of food, water, safety and survival, indeed, the essence of life. In times like these, where the Trump government’s negative migration sentiments and austerity measures flood the media; xenophobia, hate crime and hate speech against immigrants spew across Europe; and Australia’s incessant violation of international refugee law persists with off-shore detention of refugees and migrants; Bender’s and Arrocha’s book is an honest invitation to embrace humane, moral and dignified migration.

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