Managing Rehabilitation and Resettlement of the Involuntary Displaced People Lessons from Selected Narmada Project in India

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Hinal Pandya


This paper discusses the issue of indigenous development, displacement, rehabilitation and resettlement policies, and the implementation strategy of Gujarat State, India. This study is based on an anthropological approach, conducted among the indigenous communities displaced by the Narmada Project. These groups are traditionally shifting cultivators and famously known as “tribal” or “Adivasi” in the government records. This paper also focuses on the issue of indigenous displacement and land alienation due to the construction of massive Narmada Dam project, without proper rehabilitation and resettlement (R&R), although there are well defined guidelines, norms and procedures for the rehabilitation of displaced people.

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Hinal Pandya, Centre for Peace Studies, School of Humanities, University of New England, Armidale, NSW

Hinal Pandya is currently a University of New England funded international scholar associated with the Centre for Peace Studies, School of Humanities, University of New England, Armidale, NSW, Australia where she is conducting Doctoral research on the Human Rights: Involuntary Displacement Issues for Indigenous People of Gujarat State- India. She is author of three books titled, “Rehabilitation Recalled.” Mohit Publication, New Delhi 2009, Deforestation, Forest Policy and Government Inaction”, International Book Distributors & Publishers, Dehradun, India-2008, Sardar Sarovar: Hope and Reality”, Mohit Publication, New Delhi, 2004. She has written several articles on social-political relevance and has published in journals of international circulation, and her articles are cited by others in the field.  One book and some of her article are under pipeline: (1)” Human Rights: An Issue of Indo-Gulf Region”, (2) “Pakistan: Its Terror Links and Global Relations”, (3) “Status of Elementary Education in Gujarat State, and (4) Terrorism in south Asia. She has been awarded a merit award by the University of Hull, UK-2000-01