Latin America and Refugee Protection: Regimes, Logics, and Challenges.

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Andrea Pacheco Pacifico


The Latin American regime on forced displacement of persons is an example of Good Practices to be replicated in many ways and in different places and realities. Historical, political, and legal peculiarities of the region have shown how countries within the region have adjusted the International Refugee Regime to the local needs, on local implementation level, for instance on legal, institutional and political issues. Though gaps and failures still exist, the regional regime should be considered everywhere. Hence, this book comes at a necessary time, when the global regime is in crisis and it has failed to address current dilemmas with positive outcomes.

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Andrea Pacheco Pacifico, Paraiba State University

Graduate programme of International Relations
Sergio Vieira de Mello Chair/NEPDA
State University of Paraiba (
Full Research Collaborator
Graduate Programme of Comparative Studies on the Americas
University of Brasilia
Senior Research Associate
Refugee Law Initiative
University of London