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Veronica Fynn Bruey


McAnthony and I go way back as school mates in the late 1980’s just before the inception of the Liberian civil war. We both survived the civil war and reconnected twenty years after in Toronto, Canada in 2009, when I was studying at York University. Then, I was in the process of establishing the Journal of Internal Displacement (hereafter, the JID). Given McA’s lived experience as a war survivor, his passion for social justice, and his expertise in international development, there was no hesitation with inviting him to be a founding editorial board member of the JID. Until his passing, he was an integral part of the JID actively contributing to its development, growth, and sustenance. Over the past 12 years, McA peer reviewed and copyedited many manuscripts submitted to the JID. He helped draft call for papers for special issues while working with the advisory board members, editors, reviewers, and authors to ensure that the JID maintains the highest of academic standards in its publication and delivery. Unfortunately, this space would not allow for the many rich experiences McA and I shared. From attending conferences in Canada, to organising events at the National Democratic Institute in Liberia, to sharing a good laugh at my wedding ceremony, McA was brother, colleague, partner, and friend. There are absolutely no words to express my gratitude, appreciation, and connection to one of the most kind, caring, humble, humorous, and beautiful soul human being I was blessed to call a friend. McA, you will be sorely missed!

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Veronica Fynn Bruey, University of London / Flowers University

Veronica Fynn Bruey is an award-winning scholar with an extensive interdisciplinary background, holding six academic degrees from world-class institutions across four continents. She is an affiliated faculty of Seattle University School of Law; an online module convener at the University of London’s School of Advanced Studies, and the Director of Flowers School of Global Health Science. She has authored three academic books, two children's books, several book chapters, and peer-review articles in reputable academic journals. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Internal Displacement, the founder of the Law and Society's Collaborative Research Network (CRN 11) called “Displaced Peoples”, the co-founder and executive director of Tuki-Tumarankeh; and the founder of the Voice of West African Refugees (VOWAR) based in Ghana. Fynn Bruey is a born and bred Liberian war survivor.