‘A Crisis within a Crisis: Global Pandemics and Displacement’
January 2021 (Volume 11, Issue 1)
Submission Deadline: 1 September 2020

The Coronavirus, known as COVID-19, has shaken the world to its core. It is beyond doubt that the current pandemic will have a fundamental and long-lasting impact on how we work, learn and live. The implications of global pandemics for human movement are indeed readily apparent. With billions of people in lockdown, the majority of the world’s population are now personally and collectively experiencing what it means to have restrictions imposed on their movement rights. But for internally displaced persons (IDPs) and others, this is not the first time they find their freedom of movement controlled by extraneous factors that lie outside of their control. Forced migrants are accustomed to such restrictions, and many are adept at finding ways and means by which to continue their lives in times of crisis. Nonetheless, little to no attention is being given to either the impact of COVID-19 on displaced persons or the insights they themselves might bring to benefit others for whom restrictions on their movement rights are a short-term novelty. Instead, the pandemic has increased the risks of violence, racism and other forms of discrimination against persons displaced internally and internationally, rendering them ever more vulnerable to the worst forms of abuse and exploitation. 

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